Friday, September 25, 2015

3 Transfers. The Drumroll Please.

14th September 2015

So this is now the end of Transfer number 3 in the Cleveland Ward and I am currently wondering whether or not I will stay here another Transfer to clock up 6 months in Cleveland Ward. 
This Week has been thrillxciting, (It is now a word) This week has also gone by so fast, a lot of finding, a lot of lessons, and we have done some super duper planning that we hope will be able to go through, but the most important thing is to work at it.
We had a few awesome miracles this week. One involved a new investigator Tarmara, she is from NZ from somewhere by the name of Te Kowhara, I felt a little embarrassed that I didn't know where it was, but hey it is alright. We taught her a little of the restoration but mainly just got to know her a little better and answer some of her questions. We gave her a pamphlet on the restoration and we got a message back not even an hour later from her asking for more! How awesome is that!
We also while finding knocked onto a ladies door, who thanks to the wonderful power of Netflix and the Internet had seen 'Meet the Mormons' She said just from watching that she wanted to learn more because how we were portrayed to her was not how she saw in the Movie/Documentary.
Our last miracle this week.....
Is that we are celebrating Halloween this year
But... we are going to be dressed up as missionaries...... that are baptizing an awesome guy named....... Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!
We saw him on Friday and set the Baptismal Date for Halloween
So before I finish, If you haven't seen "Meet the Mormons" you need to watch it... because it is really informative and... Well I almost cried watching it, and if it almost makes me cry then it'll definitely pull on some of those heart strings of yours.

Elder Jackson Fankhauser.

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