Friday, July 15, 2016

Field of Dreams... Nope its the Bunya Forest

15th  July 2016

Unfortunately this week we have found out that not too many people are interested in knowing about Prophets and God Speaking to us and also for some reason they are not wanting free service either. Well I guess we all have our agency.

it has been a tiring week as one of the trio was not feeling the best which led to a few days caged up in the flat and ending up like Gollum. Yeah it got a bit boring, but used it wisely, did some study watched some trainings and read some books.

We are still working with a few people though to help them Follow our Saviour's Example and we look forward to bringing them to the Fount of living water, Or at least bring them to the baptismal font.

Love you all.
Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017

Enoggya Forest

4th  July  2016

it is quite interesting how much happens in a week.

I have a new resolution... To be... Not so fat. Actually.. To be skinny. And I am not just saying this because Elder Palmer is a fitness nut or because the office elders are twigs, but because... I want to be lighter. I'm 87kgs :'( I wasn't this big when I came out. So I'm going down. and maybe if my thinking id right considering last time I lost weight. I might be able to jump a foot or maybe two. Ok probably not a foot, but maybe hitting closer to 6" than 5"7'

Ok... So this week I have learnt some interesting things. Most of them however are not in my head at this time. But I did come up with a few ideas about how I can be more effective more on to it and more awesome.

Okay. I have forgotten... Tis not come to my remembrance at this time

Well I guess.... I have finished the Book of Mormon for the fifth time and have conjointly started on 6th and 7th times. Found a few things that stood out to me. Have also been reading some Church history books getting to know a little more background and such. Oooh and there is a Book called The House of the Lord that I might begin to crack into. I'm reading I think 9 books at the moment.

My Companions are awesome. They are hilarious, and Elder Palmer... Is a good man, knows alot of stuff, so I am picking his brain for a while. Also observing how he has used the Atonement in his life, cause man He has gone through a MIGHTY change. And it is awesome to be working with the end result of that. truly a Captain Moroni type of man.

Well I can't think about what else to write. So here are some photos
Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017

The Special Number 6

27th  June 2016

I'll explain the title soon.

but just so you know I am still alive and I am doing well.

Now to the Number

On Monday after emailing me and My companion got a call from the Assistants saying that Preident wanted to meet with Elder Cadeado.

One Interview later Elder Cadeado comes out and says. "President wants to send me up to Townsville" Ok....

Well we went about Monday then got a call tuesday saying Elder Cadeado your flight is at 2pm. So Yeah.... Anyways President talks to me and says Elder you're going to go with Bunya Forest. . . . . Yes President....

Tuesday I had to pack because I had no idea that I was being transferred as well.

Then On Wednesday I find out, you are still going to work in Enoggera but the office Elders will cover it... Ok....

So because President doesn't want me in the office all day but wants me working, I am as I call it Full time in Bunya Forest but also part time in Enoggera.

So My Bunya Companions are Elders Palmer (From Virginia, USA) and Elder Contreras (From California, USA)
And the Beautiful office Elders are Elder Christensen (Utah, USA) and Elder Derhak (Rochester, NY, USA) 

So a few things about my companions.
Elder Palmer, His dad is from Jersey and his Grandad is a very interesting Fellow (Granddad is... well lets say he might have carried around a violin case in a black suit) Very interesting story that I hope I can get into my journal.
Elder Contreras is so funny but a very good missionary who is destined for greatness
Elder Derhak, was born in Utah but moved to NY when he was 11. Also a wizz on computers
Elder Christensen is a good basketball player. And went to Uni before his mission

So in Essence I have had six Companions in a week
I have also got this count
International: Elders; Tupou, Gustafsson, Bullock, Acevedo Crespo
American: Elders; Banks, Derhak, Palmer, Contreras, Chritensen.

In Literally a week, My Non American Companion count got Smashed by the Americans, And I Doubled the amount of Companions. All in quite literally three days.

now I need to get the American count down again :I

Oh Well. This week was awesome, it was good and insightful, Elder Palmer and Elder Contreras are awesome, like beyond the moon awesome

I guess something that I learned from today was from President Ezra Taft Benson.
I need to not only read the Book of Mormon more. but I also need to live it and share it. So that is one of my goals that I have for this week.

I love you all, and i hope that everything gets easier to understand.

Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017


20th  June 2016

I have time to email today!

Hello Everybody.

Well I have had a cracker of time to be with Elder Banks from Salt Lake City Utah. But unfortunately as it goes we have to part. As Aaron says to King Lamoni's Father "The Spirit of the Lord has carried him to another place, where he is needed. And it is quite awesome because he got transferred to the Bracken Ridge area, where our almost baptism for Enoggera( She moved to Bracken Ridge area literally two weeks before her baptism) lives. So he gets to see her again. So awesome for him.

I am here in Enoggera, continuing my around the world streak with.... Elder Cadeado from Mozambique. He is an awesome elder and am looking forward to serving with him.

This week we were able to see a miracle. A man that we door knocked into said he really liked books about people travelling. And we were like hey.. This book is about people travelling. Do you want one. "Sure"

twas awesome

Ok some funny highlights from Elder Banks and I

1. We bought toilet paper in the first week that lasted two transfers
2.Elder Banks while real Playing was joking around and was like "no, your name is Rodney" later in the day we met a guy named Rodney that said we could come back
3.We went out finding one day and I found 14 rubber Bands.
4. During the whole two transfers the car battery died 5 times on us, all because we left lights on(apart from the last time)
5.We went to follow up on a potential and discovered we were in the wrong area, and found one of the other Elders investigators
6.We went on a round trip when we asked the GPS to take us to a suburb, started taking us the opposite direction
7.While at a members house (He's from NZ) Elder Banks starts laughing after he said "those are some mean cookies" Guess I say Mean too much.

Well I thinks thats all the time I have
Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017

Week 6? Where'd that come from?

13th  June 2016

Wow oh wow has this been an interesting transfer and although the days feel long the months feel short. And I can barely remember what happened yesterday let alone last week.

I guess I will share a little something.

My life has changed. I am not the same I was when I left. I am different (I was already quite different to a lot of people) but I am now more aware of myself and my actions and what I must do to be able to see the spiritual things more clearly.

It is quite Ironic that a lot of people see missionaries as these perfect beings that come out to erve for two years. When in reality, we find out how imperfect we really are. All our little habits, words that we say, things that we do, think, that are I guess things we need to work on.

Love you all

Ka kite Ano
Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017


9th  June 2016

Finally after 9 weeks in this area we can do some good quality service, not that small things aren't service. But to be honest it is quite boring knocking on a street where there is no-one (and I mean literally no-one) home

So it is good to take a break and help people out.

On Monday this week we were able to have fun building a brick wall to keep the rain from washing the dirt onto the driveway so we had fun putting all of that together.

Tuesday we were at the Jones' house helping them move, to the other side of the boundary pretty much so we had fun doing that.

Last week (ending the 5th I think) we were smashing it as our District Leader told us being able to see quite a handful of people. It has been awesome in this area so far and we are just around the corner from Week 6 which means Transfer Prep.
Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017

Singing a song is Fun to do

30th  May 2016


It is fun to do. A definite highlight of this week is going through the hymnbook and singing the songs that I have never sung before and using the Tune and meter thing at the back to sing it to a tune that I know, It's been awesome.

This week.... Well We saw a lot of people, but we didn't get to see too many of the people we wanted to see. We knocked doors, and sometimes more than most we didn't see anyone. Figure this, its a saturday... and everyone's gone. Oh well. Some interesting things happened, there was a fire on the mountain controlled by the Army, Learnt about how complicated life is, and how simple you can make it.

that's all I guess.

Live Long and Prosper
Feliz Dias

Youtube "Oh happy day" my favourite song from Sister act its awesome.

(met a bulgarian lady 2 weeks ago and learnt some words)
Love you All
Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017

Ohk Short one

23rd May 2016

Sorry Short one again. Something wasnt downloading

Ok awesome week, a few things happened but like Pumba said "You gotta put your behind in your past" and "Hakuna Matata" it all the way to P-Day when it is less hectic.

Hopefully be able to write a longer one this week

funny thing this week

On monday I dropped the phone in the drain and had to get it
On thursday I dropped my hat in the drain and had to get it
Its been a draining week
Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017