Friday, July 15, 2016

Enoggya Forest

4th  July  2016

it is quite interesting how much happens in a week.

I have a new resolution... To be... Not so fat. Actually.. To be skinny. And I am not just saying this because Elder Palmer is a fitness nut or because the office elders are twigs, but because... I want to be lighter. I'm 87kgs :'( I wasn't this big when I came out. So I'm going down. and maybe if my thinking id right considering last time I lost weight. I might be able to jump a foot or maybe two. Ok probably not a foot, but maybe hitting closer to 6" than 5"7'

Ok... So this week I have learnt some interesting things. Most of them however are not in my head at this time. But I did come up with a few ideas about how I can be more effective more on to it and more awesome.

Okay. I have forgotten... Tis not come to my remembrance at this time

Well I guess.... I have finished the Book of Mormon for the fifth time and have conjointly started on 6th and 7th times. Found a few things that stood out to me. Have also been reading some Church history books getting to know a little more background and such. Oooh and there is a Book called The House of the Lord that I might begin to crack into. I'm reading I think 9 books at the moment.

My Companions are awesome. They are hilarious, and Elder Palmer... Is a good man, knows alot of stuff, so I am picking his brain for a while. Also observing how he has used the Atonement in his life, cause man He has gone through a MIGHTY change. And it is awesome to be working with the end result of that. truly a Captain Moroni type of man.

Well I can't think about what else to write. So here are some photos
Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017

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