Friday, July 15, 2016

Singing a song is Fun to do

30th  May 2016


It is fun to do. A definite highlight of this week is going through the hymnbook and singing the songs that I have never sung before and using the Tune and meter thing at the back to sing it to a tune that I know, It's been awesome.

This week.... Well We saw a lot of people, but we didn't get to see too many of the people we wanted to see. We knocked doors, and sometimes more than most we didn't see anyone. Figure this, its a saturday... and everyone's gone. Oh well. Some interesting things happened, there was a fire on the mountain controlled by the Army, Learnt about how complicated life is, and how simple you can make it.

that's all I guess.

Live Long and Prosper
Feliz Dias

Youtube "Oh happy day" my favourite song from Sister act its awesome.

(met a bulgarian lady 2 weeks ago and learnt some words)
Love you All
Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017

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