Friday, July 15, 2016


20th  June 2016

I have time to email today!

Hello Everybody.

Well I have had a cracker of time to be with Elder Banks from Salt Lake City Utah. But unfortunately as it goes we have to part. As Aaron says to King Lamoni's Father "The Spirit of the Lord has carried him to another place, where he is needed. And it is quite awesome because he got transferred to the Bracken Ridge area, where our almost baptism for Enoggera( She moved to Bracken Ridge area literally two weeks before her baptism) lives. So he gets to see her again. So awesome for him.

I am here in Enoggera, continuing my around the world streak with.... Elder Cadeado from Mozambique. He is an awesome elder and am looking forward to serving with him.

This week we were able to see a miracle. A man that we door knocked into said he really liked books about people travelling. And we were like hey.. This book is about people travelling. Do you want one. "Sure"

twas awesome

Ok some funny highlights from Elder Banks and I

1. We bought toilet paper in the first week that lasted two transfers
2.Elder Banks while real Playing was joking around and was like "no, your name is Rodney" later in the day we met a guy named Rodney that said we could come back
3.We went out finding one day and I found 14 rubber Bands.
4. During the whole two transfers the car battery died 5 times on us, all because we left lights on(apart from the last time)
5.We went to follow up on a potential and discovered we were in the wrong area, and found one of the other Elders investigators
6.We went on a round trip when we asked the GPS to take us to a suburb, started taking us the opposite direction
7.While at a members house (He's from NZ) Elder Banks starts laughing after he said "those are some mean cookies" Guess I say Mean too much.

Well I thinks thats all the time I have
Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017

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