Monday, October 12, 2015

6 months almost gone where is the time going

12th October 2015

These last almost 6 months have been crazy exciting, exhausting, Frustrating and probably every other emotion you could think of.

These Last few months have taught me some of the most Basic Truths of the Gospel, I will now proceed to share with you some of them.

1) Satan Does not take a rest on you.

To Explain this I will use a parable of Sorts
The tortoise a slow moving creature was challenged to race by a hare. The Hare fast and quick thought that this was going to be easy, the tortoise could never beat this fast moving hare. The race started and the Hare took off leaving the tortoise behind to slowly race after it, the Hare knowing that the Tortoise was slow decided that He could take a nap. So he did.

While the Tortoise raced slowly behind the Hare Slept, and Slept, And Slept. Upon arriving at where the Hare was sleeping the Tortoise decided to carry on and let his rival sleep while he went to gain the glory. Still the Hare Slept and Slept and Slept.

A passerby who knew of the race walked past the Hare and Woke him up, and said "Why are you not in the race?"
"I am" said the Hare, "And I am quite a fair way in front of the Tortoise for you know he moves slow"
"Yes that is true but look here,... Can you not see the Tortoise tracks which are before your eyes?"
The Hare realising his mistake quickly raced off to try and catch up, but unfortunately he came to see that the Tortoise had attained the glory that was to be his. And this because he decided to stop for a while on the side of the road. Whilst the race continued on.

Now let me liken this story to that Of Lehonti in the Book Of Mormon.
If you are not familiar with that name then I will explain.
Lehonti was a Lamanite that did not want to go to war. Remember Amilickiah? Well this guy Riled (Bought to anger) the King of the Lamanites to declare war on the Nephites. There was however those that did not want this, instead they joined together and camped on the top of a Hill proclaiming this Lehonti as their Leader.

Amilickiah Wanted to have the whole army to go against the Nephites so he devised a plan.
He sent ambassadors to Lehonti saying, come down the mountain, I want to talk with you.
Lehonti said no
Again Amilickiah said come down the mountain, I want to talk with you
Lehonti again said no
Amilickiah decided then to go up the mountain, when he had reached halfway he said come down the mountain, I want to talk with you, you can even bring your guards with you
Lehonti this time Agreed
Amilickiah gave him a plan that would give Lehonti charge of the whole army, however Amilickiah's condition was that he would be second in command. Lehonti Agreed

Back in these times If you wanted to be Number One when you were Number Two then you did it the easy way. You Poison them by degrees so that they die.
We can apply this to our spiritual life.
When our spiritual life is poisoned by degrees our light gets duller and becomes less bright than what God wants your light to be.

I now Implore you as Jesus did in the Sermon on the mount.
LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE before men that they may see your good works AND GLORIFY YOUR FATHER WHICH IS IN HEAVEN
Taking the bold words we can see God's true purpose for us, in the things that we need to do.

2) Even when the work is hard it becomes easier when we focus on the saviour.
We may get distracted by the things of this world but remember the story of Peter walking on the water, all we simply have to do is to ask our Saviour and Redeemer for the help to pull us out of Life's stormy seas.

3) Choose the right

In all times , In all things, In all places, we are Children of a Loving Heavenly Father who has sent us here to Earth to learn for ourselves through our own experience the divinity and grace that we are offered through the Saviours Atonement, It is not there only to fix our mistakes but also to improve ourselves. We are in a refiner's fire that is continuously moulding our lives

I share these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I thank all of you for the things which you have done and contributed to my life in whatever way you have.

Elder Jackson Fankhauser.

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