Saturday, December 19, 2015

Luke 2:11

7th December  2015

For unto YOU was born this day, in the City of David a Saviour which is Christ the Lord.

Unto Each and every one of us over 2000 years ago was born a babe, wrapped in swaddling clothes, that would fulfil a divine mission which he was fore ordained to do. He would learn and grow much like all of us and come to know His Heavenly Father, and it is given to each and every one of us to Discover Why, He is our own personal Saviour.

This week I have shared this christmas message so many times, and I know each time I share it that I feel the Holy Ghost telling me that it is undeniably true, and it deepens my understanding every day that I do this about His divine role in my life and helps me see the importance of coming unto him, and denying myself of all ungodliness so that his grace be manifest in my life and help me overcome my personal weaknesses, and I know there are so many that it isn't even funny.

I have loved these last few days of Christmas and I cannot wait for the next 24 days to remember this glorious time of the year and to Remember Him

Elder Jackson Fankhauser.

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