Saturday, December 19, 2015

T'is the Season

30th November  2015

Picture a stable in Judea, Picture a Sacred Silent Night, And can you hear, The angels near, And see the star so bright?

My Favourite time of the year starts tomorrow and what a great opening we have with a baptism on Wednesday. This is a time for miracles and love, and a time for peace from the world around.

One of my goals is to as soon as this transfer has ended me and my companion (whoever it is) are going to go out carolling :D Sorry for him if he has other plans. But definitely going to work with the ward to set up some carolling at members and investigators alike. And to be honest, I am just going to do it for a whole day while knocking on peoples doors.... Can't wait.

Also excited for the prospect of seeing a lot more miracles of baptism or at least being able to help others to commit themselves to be more like our Saviour


Elder Jackson Fankhauser

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