Friday, September 2, 2016

Comos Da?

31st August  2016

How are all of you. mabuti?

that's Awesome.
       Dahil this week nagkaroon kami ng mga bagong misyonero dumating sa misyon mula sa                     Pilipinas. Ang pangalan niya ay Elder Afable. Kaya ako at Elder Foster ay ngayon sa isang              tatlong paraan sa kanya.

       (Google translation:Since this week we had a new missionaries come from missions in the                 Philippines. His name is Elder Afable. So me and Elder Foster is now in a three way with her.)

or for those who are not learned in Tagalog and Google translate
Because this week we had a new missionary come into the mission from the Philippines. His name is Elder Afable. So me and Elder Foster are now in a three way with him.


So yeah. We got a call on Tuesday telling us to come to the mission office cause you are picking up a golden.

So yeahp. Threeway again. This time though we are learning English because we have listened to Elder Afable and he is better than we are. Actually Funny Story

We were at Bruce's house (Part Member family)
And we were teaching the lesson and Elder Afable teaches his bit and says I'm sorry if my english isn't very good. Too which Bruce (who is a very straight up guy) says. Your English is really good at least I can understand you unlike this one here (Pointing to Elder Foster) It caused me to laugh a bit.

We have had a Good week.

Ok the 6:6 Challenge
1 Nephi is to write that which is of worth in our Journals(Daily)
2 Nephi is to Set up a standard among those around you of who you are and what you believe (Daily)
Jacob is to Listen to the word of God, and The prophets and Harden not your hearts (Daily)
Mosiah is to walk in the ways of the Lord and Keep the commandments (Daily)
Alma is to Once in a Month fast for those who don't know God and to pray Daily for them
Helaman is to preach unto the people. Talk to a friend about church (Weekly/Monthly)
3 Nephi is to establish peace in the home, community, etc you live by being a leader (Weekly)
Mormon is to Gather everyone together to read from the sacred records (Daily)
Ether is to Overcome temptation everyday and let the Lord guide you. (Daily)
Moroni is to Partake of the Sacrament and remember the Lord Jesus Christ (Weekly)

After doing these things for 6 weeks and 6 Days (Start on a Monday) the 7 Week mark is to look back and reflect on the changes that you have seen within yourself.

Well Love you all.

Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017

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