Friday, February 3, 2017

Well... Isn't summer Wonderful..

5th January  2017

It has been HOT. I am not used to this heat and feeling sweaty all the time. One good thing though. I'm sweating a lot. Which means it's burning my fat up.

On a more serious note. I have had a really interesting week. I have discovered some things about myself and I am hoping to work on those things.

I was reading while in the Temple this morning in D+C 67:10-14 and that really hit me. Man I have loved reading from the Doctrine and Covenants these past few days. It is absolutely amazing

A miracle was yesterday, while we were out door knocking. We found this woman that looked like she had been going through a hard time recently and something about her tipped me off that she was from New Zealand or that she had a connection to New Zealand. So I asked her about it and I found out that she is/was a member but stopped going 12 years ago. And she is related to the Arthur's from down Porirua ways. And that her mum is currently in New Zealand. I found it amazing. I was super excited to be completely honest. So we offered to mow her yard to help her out and she said yes. So we may be doing it today or Tomorrow. Don't know yet.

Anyways. Love you Gotta Leave you.

Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017

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