Friday, February 3, 2017

What a week

23rd January 2017

This week was very eventful and also very uneventful.

There was a Baptism on the weekend for the Collingwood Park Sisters and it was awesome. On Sunday we had 2 lunches so we opted to skip dinner.

This week has been good in the sense of the fact that it gave us time to prepare and get ready for this transfer. And that is probably what we will do a minor focus on this week as well and also preparing for the Missionary Worldwide Broadcast. And we have been told there may be quite a few changes implemented straightaway that we will have to be on top of so that Our entire Zone knows and understands and also to clear up any confusion that people have.

Well I have loved reading the Book of Mormon this week. I am in my favourite section.. Yes it is the War chapters again. It is so interesting that so much of the Scriptures are about Battles.

One thing that I shared with one of the guys that we talked to Yesterday is. Jesus Christ did not preach War, he preached Peace. He asked people to love their neighbour. And some people just don't make the right choices and don't understand the basics of his teachings. And so they feel that going to war is the Answer.
There were just so many other experiences as well this week where I was just pondering over a situation that a family was in or a mistake that someone had made. And it was like this. If you apply the Saviour's teachings into your life. It doesn't matter what happens around you. But it is what you decide to do. Then you will be able to feel his live. Then will you be able to witness the power of the Holy Ghost and the Miracle of true Conversion.

I love my Saviour, I love his teachings. And I am not perfect, But i am trying to be. I know that I can do it with my Saviour's Love and the Applying of his Atonement. I know it can work for all those that are around us as well.

Love you all
Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017

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