Friday, November 27, 2015

Go Forth and Teach All Nations

19th November  2015

This week we were asked by a lot of people this question....

Why Doesn't God come down and stop the bad things from Happening?

I would like to give my brief explanation as to the reason why.

God has given all men the free agency to choose right from wrong, he, like us, is held by certain laws that bind him from personal intervention on a grand scale, If God broke these rules that he set up from the foundation of the world then he would have to undo himself and cease to exist because there is no way he can break a law and still be God. It just wouldn't work. So he has left us to do what we may please to do. We can choose to follow God's Commandments and live a good life. (If everyone did this the way God wanted us to do then there would honestly be peace everywhere.
Or we can choose to ignore and go down a different path. If we do this we will go down a much easier road it is true, but what will we learn? Temporary pleasures that last only a little while. Greed and Hate and Envy are all part of this "easier road"

So God Does this so that we can have our free choice and Learn from our own mistakes, so we can be better

Elder Jackson Fankhauser.

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