Monday, March 27, 2017

19 Day Miracle

27th March  2017

So on the 6th of March we had Dinner at Bishop Iva's house and also who joined us is Miss Sharon  who is the Music Teacher at the Eagleby State School, which is the place where the majority of our ward's primary Children.
On the 25th of March after quitting smoking and having been taught all the lessons, herself doing a lot of the studying regarding the Book Of Mormon, She was baptised!
On the 26th She was confirmed a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and given the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

An amazing Gift which helps all of us. And I had the Privilege to talk about it a little at her Baptism and I focused on some of the roles of the Holy Ghost. Such as: Comforter; Teacher; Testifier; and Reminder. I love this Gift so much. It is honestly one of the things that helped me be able to connect with her because during the Monday night (the 6th) I listened to what she was saying and the Holy Ghost just whispered to me, "ask her if this is what she means".

It was amazing to see the progress she had over the next 19 days that led to her Baptism. Completely giving up Coffee (Which was a bit of a fast one she said) and Smoking. 

Well I Love you all and I know that Miracles do happen.

Sharon at her Baptism
We also at the start of this week said Goodbye to Elder Brownell who Flew back to Portland
Elder Jackson Fankhauser
Australia Brisbane Mission
May 2015-2017

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