Monday, March 27, 2017

2 Baptisms coming in 2 weeks.... Bring it ON

23rd March 2017

These last few weeks have been awesome.

We have two people that are preparing for Baptism for this Weekend and Next weekend and they are super solid. One is Sharon Shepherd who is the Music Teacher here in Eagleby and she is superb. She has been getting lessons from the Primary Children and they are doing the teaching more than us. She told us of one experience she had the other day where one of the Bishops children sat her down and wrote on the Blackboard BAPTISM and then proceeded to teach her about Baptism.

The Other is Tala Emilio who we stopped by on Sunday last week and he said (in effect) "Yeah I was thinking about getting baptised just need to sort out a date" He is really cool and is ready for the water.

The other things I have done in the last few weeks is go to a biking area where we biked around for most of the day. Over the hills and far away and then mother duck cried quack quack, quack and I went to Sunnybank with the Chinese Speaking Elders. It was good. I learnt a few chinese words one was (I can't remember how you spell it in Peen(English version of Chinese(Sort of but not really cause some of the letters still don't make sense) ) But I know that you say it Shin-she and If I remember correctly that means chess.

I have also said Goodbye to the only Companion that I have "killed" (Missionary term for when a missionary finishes his mission is that he/she "dies" and their companion is the one who "kills" them) Elder Brownell got on the plan two days ago and has been home for about 24 hours now.

So now it is just me and Elder Moncur. And it looks like a busy three weeks as we finish off the transfer.

Love you all.

Elder Jackson Fankhauser
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015-2017

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