Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Stop. Look. Got Lost

26th September 2016

So the title for this one is not about me but instead my companion.

so this week we went on splits. I'll give you the detailed as much as I can do story in 15 minutes.

So we begin....
It was a cold Wednesday night. Or at least as cold as it could get here in Brisbane city. The wind was blowing and the moon was out. Elder winter and I Departed our abode and traversed the roads of Forest Lake into Heathwood to go to Our ward Mission Leader's house. A 2 story House with a gate and a pool to the left of the house. We entered the gate and walked to the front door and Knocked just as we had done many times that day. Brother Sione came to the door and let us enter. We went to the dining room slash ping pong table where our usual meetings were held. We took our spots at the table and awaited the arrival of other volunteers. But alas we had no-one. We did however have one volunteer who was still at their house. So we decided to go get this wonderful man and take him with us.

We arrived at his house unscathed and were able to join together for a brief moment. Then after a brief meeting we split off into our different areas. I went with Brother Sione to go see someone while Elder Winter and Brother Manuel (our other volunteer for splits).

We cut back into Elders Winter story now.

Not knowing where to go he enters in an address that he doesn't even know if it is the right address and heads off. At an intersection he feels that he is going the wrong way. The member then says I know where this road is and starts to guide him. When they get to almost the Highway Elder Winter decides that it would be best if they went back to home so that they could be able to get his bearings. Because he can get too the house from there. They get to the house and he starts navigating. As his memory came back to him about how to get there. They passed the street that Brother Manuel lives on.

After all this they finally get to the right street and then Elder Winter goes and knocks on a door that we had knocked on the day before thinking it was the Less active that they were going to see. But nope he ends up talking to three Vietnamese guys. After all that he finally gets to the right house.

A 2 min journey turns into a 15 escapade.

I love him. Haha
Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017

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