Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Story Time

24th October 2016

So this week was the Last week of Transfer 12! Man its gone by too fast

Well as the title says Story time for all you wonderful readers out there.

So here goes:

On a coldish morning in the Forest Lake Streets.... I'm joking I will get too it quicker than that.

So on Saturday we had the Baptisms of Lainey and Braith Johnston awesome twins from an awesome family.

To start off the morning we did some exercise with the Zone Leaders and then cam back to the Flat and changed to get ready to be at the chapel at 8am. A bit early for the 10am Baptism but we wanted to make sure the font would be filled and everything would be ready. The mum of the Twins was there with a few other sisters from the ward preparing everything for a flawless day and so we filled up the font Now I need to tell you something before we continue, I need to tell you these crucial things. There is a switch right near the Font that says with these words for the switch (Beginning from the Bottom to Top) Fill, OFF, Empty. Ok we can continue now.... (Basically turned the taps on and walked away) Helped set up a little bit and then turned them off at about 9:20 so the water could be turned back on at 9:40 so that it would be warm for the Baptism. 9:40 came around and we turned the font back on again just putting Hot water in so that over the time it would be warm. Got it to the right height and put the Switch into the OFF position with the thought that OFF means Water won't come out of the Taps (Just in Case there was an overflow or something like that) Turned the Taps off and then proceeded to do the Final touch ups Later. 10 minutes Later we come back just to do a final final check. And I asked Elder Winter. Does it look like it has gone down? He says no its fine. We carry on to go to meet the People coming in for the Baptism and start the program.....
We get up to the Baptism Ordination part, And we all come out. Elder Winter and I as one of the First people to get there. Both look into the Font and see not the full font that we left but rather a Font filled up to my ankles. The Feelings were this.... "OHMYGOSHWHATJUSTHAPPENED" I didn't say that though because I didn't want anyone else to freak out.  After Promptly getting everyone back into the Chapel and improvising the rest of the Program, We along with the Logan Elders set out to fill the font in the fastest time possible. By Turning the taps on full bore and then using the LOGAN Zone Method off Filling the Font with the Fire Hose... It was as it is in Pokemon. "Super Effective" as we were able to have the font filled in 15 minutes! We also at this time made sure that the Switch was on Fill and Not OFF. The rest of the Day went pretty smoothly after that. So we were filled with the spirit and filled the Font all in a short matter of time.

Love you ALL. Good Luck and Bye
Elder Jackson Fankhauser.
Australia Brisbane Mission

May 2015 - May 2017

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