Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Engaging Members. By the Spirit

 27th July 2015

This past week we have had a specialized training from our mission President to more closely refine the things that we were taught by Elder Pearson.
He organized it using the Equation to Success for a missionary and added the very important fact that: It has to be by the Spirit.
This week we have had some pretty good miracles while out finding and teaching, but one of the biggest miracles was getting 10! member present Lessons, in each of these cases the members were able to help explain or add their own knowledge to what we were teaching.
We also had the privilege to have two of the young men in our ward come out with us for trade-offs on Saturday. Together we were able to be more effective in our area, but as well as that I got to teach the young man I was with a few things, as well as being able to build up a better foundation for the relationship between members and missionaries, I also invited him to share his experience with us this upcoming Fast Sunday to share how great this Latter-Day work is.
Another miracle was that Lennox our recent Convert who got baptized last week helped us open the door again to teaching her cousin Jade. Jade shared with us a few concerns and with the Help of Chris (an RM of the Philippines) and Talia we hope to be able to help her Come unto Christ.
Yesterday Me and Elder Tupou were invited to a training session of the ward leaders and according to both Elder Cooper and Elder Tupou that means that someone is going to become a  District leader or Elder Tupou is going up to Zone Leader (My guess is in the Brisbane stake)
Well we will find out soon enough. Transfers are only two weeks away!
If you ever want time to go by quickly serve a mission or start getting busy with the gospel because the days literally fly before your eyes.
Farewell and Salutations

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