Sunday, August 30, 2015

Losing yourself .... And Your Wallet, in the work

24th August 2015

This week has been some examples of spiritually losing myself in the work, and some pretty funny literal losing not only myself but my companion who is brand new to the area as well.

The Spiritual motivation for this last week has been to be Better and to Push Harder. Both Physically and Spiritually.

After Taking a wrong turn down into a park which, (I very wrongly assumed would lead to a shortcut to a street) took us to one of the outlying streets of our boundary, to say the best thing out of it was that I found a short cut to avoid the main road, the unlucky thing was that I did something to my bike and now it is buckled, so looks like we may be walking a little bit, until I can get someone to fix it or until I fix it myself.
Pushing Hard on Saturday as I not only battled the Heating element that hangs over Australia, (Sometimes too close, and it's not even summer) but also dealing with a fever (I missed out on staying at the flat for the day by .2 of a degree Celsius) Knocked on about 100 doors and we clocked over 60 contacts and got free oranges and chili's out of it.
Still suffering the effects of the "Fall" (Fever Australia Loopdy Loop) I typed in the wrong address into the GPS and went the wrong way, Facing the possibility of Riding into Thornlands (40 minutes) and back, a miracle occured, and the Capalaba elders arrived back, we took the car and drove into the night
The Fever came to a bitter end on Sunday when The Sweetness of Chocolate Chip Cookies were "given unto them that Hungered" and Pizza was "Given to the Servants of the Lord" Great way to finish the week
Also Included on Sunday was a surprise-ish visit from Aunty Kris who well she couldn't hug me so she gripped my hand as tight as a normal hug.
Other than that I lost my wallet sometime on Thursday. Still trying to find it. We are told not to engage others in Fasting for a special cause but I do think I am going to need a miracle to find my wallet.

We had the oppurtunity to be able to stay for an hour of Roadshows here in the Cleveland stake.
And I shall leave you with a short little quote from one of them before I finish, and I am pretty sure this is how most people view missionaries (we actually had one guy say this to us in a more drawn out way)
You Gringos (Mormons/Missionaries) are Crazy!

The Church is True. The Work is Hard. The Weather is Hot. But the show Must go on!

Elder Jackson Fankhauser.

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