Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hastening the work

 9th June 2015

This Week has just flown by and it helps that we have Elder Cooper who has less months than I have years left of his mission in the Flat. Our Flat contains the Cleveland and Capalaba ward Elders and we recieved exciting news on Sunday about a true hastening of the work.
These two wards are going to be split and made into a third ward, little knowledge on it at this point but we all(Us missionaries and ward members alike) have our guesses at what is going to happen. We are having a meeting this Sunday, much like the one that Lake and Deanwell had but this time it is for a NEW ward to be created. How great is that.
The people we are teaching at the moment vary in backgrounds but two specific ones I want to bring up is Lennox and Chantelle. Lennox is actually the cousin of another of our investigators and we have been teaching her at her cousins home. She is really receptive and understands what we have taught her so far. I taught the Plan Of Salvation Lesson to her and i used the Little Laminated plan that my mum prepared for me.
We had our first lesson with Chantelle just yesterday and my companion Elder Tupou taught with a little bit of my help the Restoration of the Gospel, we left her with a Book Of Mormon as well as the Restoration DVD for her and her partner to watch, we are hopefully going to be able to teach him Later tonight
Thank you all for your support

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