Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Letter on Arrival in Brisbane

Dear Fankhauser Family,
We are delighted to report that your son, Elder Fankhauser, arrived safely at the mission home in Brisbane, Australia!  Your son is an impressive man filled with the missionary spirit; we are thrilled that he will be serving with us in this great mission.  We will be watching over him in all his labors while he is here.  Elder Fankhauser has an excellent trainer, Elder Tupou, and they will learn much serving together in the Cleveland area of the Cleveland Zone.  
You should be receiving an email each week from your missionary, and he should be receiving one from you as well.  Though they are immersed in the work, they do miss home, and a loving letter from family is comforting and reassuring. We are grateful for your support of us and as an expression of our gratitude and appreciation, we have created a webpage for you to follow:  We will post pictures of our missionaries and will do our best to capture all that is happening in our mission; especially the missionaries' joys and successes as they labor in the Lord’s vineyard. As they email us pictures of their baptisms, we will post those as well.
We are so happy and humbled to be able to serve the Lord along with your son, Elder Fankhauser.  Great blessings are in store for not only your missionary, but family at home as well.  We know that you will experience marvelous blessings as you support your son while he serves the Lord honorably and obediently on his mission.  We pray for the Lord's blessings upon you, your missionary and his other loved ones.
President & Sister Henderson | Australia Brisbane Mission

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