Monday, August 31, 2015

Soo . . . Funny story

31st  August  2015

On Thursday Two weeks ago I "lost" my wallet, I spent the next couple of days trying to find it and to no avail. I on Monday then emailed my wonderful mother and informed her of the situation. She apparently took it well.
Unbeknownst to me at that time my.......wonderful.... Companion was arranging for us to pick it up from the member whose car I had left it in. He said to me Elder Lets go.
I said Ohk and signed out. we get out of the Library and the first thing he says to me after I ask where we are going "We are going to get your wallet," For literally 2 seconds I wanted to slap him around the back of the head. "Elder" I said to him.... "I just told my mum I lost it...." "oh" was his reply. On Thursday still wondering if my mum had cancelled my cards. We get in the car and go to the mission office. In which the proceeding drive the Redland bay Elders (who we were in the car with) proceeded to ask if I had found my wallet (My reply in the affirmative) they then continued how my Nana had been talking to them and that my mum was (as she said) "Deeply concerned." When we arrive at the mission office I decide to ask the wonderful Sister Mickelsen to inform her (my mum) about the "One coin" being found.
That's the end of that saga, unfortunately not as thrilling as some movies but entertaining all the same

Elder Jackson Fankhauser.

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