Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vision is Paramount

19th August 2015

Yesterday we had District meeting (Basically a group of missionaries reporting to the District Leader and then given a training by one of the missionaries on how to be better missionaries)
And it was My turn, or at least My Companion who is the District Leader had the Inspiration to get me to share the Training this week

Successful plans lead to Successful time management and when you master time management you can Master your life.
I focused on Planning by the Spirit and in the Mighty ABM (Australia Brisbane Mission) we have a Motto it goes like this
Vision Is Paramount
Obedience is the Price
Faith Is the Power
The Spirit is the Key
Love is the Motive
Christ is The Reason
And I Applied these things to how to Plan effectively and there are 8 steps that lead to successful plans.
1. Prayer - All things begin with prayer, through prayer we can ask for guidance and Direction on the things that we need in our lives
2.Outcome - Knowing what you want the outcome to be, can help you determine how well you are doing in your goals
3. Date - Setting a date for when you want this to be completed by, as Henry B Eyring said "Someday means Not This Day"
4.Obstacles - These are things that are going to stop you or things you need to overcome before you can achieve your desired outcome.
5.Resources - These are the skills that you have, the people you know, and the things you know
6.Detailed Plan - A detailed plan is one that has every detail worked out as to how you can use the resources you have to overcome the obstacles you may face.
7.Massive Action - A plan requires action to be taken Upon it. You can't expect a plant to grow if you won't water it.
8.Leverage - Something that will help you to continuously push to achieve that goal, a driving force that helps you accomplish it.
So To pair up these Principles of Preparation and Our mission Motto
Prayer  = Spirit is the Key
Outcome + Date + Vision is Paramount
Obstacles + Resources = Obedience is the Price
Detailed Plan + Massive Action = Faith is the Power
Leverage = Love is the Motive
And why do we make plans? To be better than before.
And one of the Things that Christ Said is Be ye therefore perfect even as My Father  and I are Perfect
Christ is the Reason
The Reason  we can live again with our Father in Heaven is because He Loves us so much He was willing to lay down His life for His Friends.

Elder Jackson Fankhauser.

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