Sunday, August 30, 2015

More photos

25th August 2015

After being starved of photos, I was absolutely delighted to have received some more from his Aunty Kris who was over on holiday.

Below is the email that accompanied the photos

Hi Stephanie we googled Cleveland chapel & found out it was 20ks north east of here & their ward met at 9 so we drove up & got there early, two missionaries were standing out on the roadside waiting for someone so I walked around to where they were but as I approached they started to move off so I called out excuse me elders, & they waited, I realized he hasn't recognised me so I said we're investigators & we're lost, can you help? Wasn't until I was right in front of elder F that he smiled with recognition! He said when he heard my voice he thought he knew it. Only had a few minutes before their ward started so took some photos which hopefully I can send from my phone. Gave him a homemade chocolate cake that made them both smile! Hope you like the photos! Asked him if he had a message for you, he said, love you guys, & wait for Christmas! He looks good looks like he's lost weight xx

Feeling blessed.

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